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436 million

I googled ‘leadership’ and received 436 million results and ‘no’ I didn’t check out all of the sites. Ironically this huge number suggests to me that either we know a lot about leadership or we don’t know very much at all.

Neither of my parents were world renowned leaders. Both had a simple grade 8 education, didn’t travel much, weren’t well read, couldn’t give a spell binding speech and didn’t have any disciples. Yet I know they were leaders in the tiny community I called home. On occasion they stepped out and went in a direction which wasn’t the accepted norm. People in the neighbourhood watched, some voiced their opposition and ridicule but then a few brave souls would quietly follow in those cutting edge footsteps.

Besides setting intermittent bold examples they also opened the doors of their home to every one of my teenage friends. The hungry hordes were always welcomed with a smile and there was food on the table to be shared. They loved those kids. Even if I wasn’t home my friends would spend time with my parents.

Leaders, big or small, love the people around them. Leaders take calculated bold steps when necessary. Leaders set good examples which others want to follow. Leaders make positive contributions to their community. Mother Teresa, Churchill, Martin Luther King as well as Orton and Nancy were leaders.

Who are the leaders who set an example for you? – BB

2 responses to “436 million

  1. julietkilpin ⋅

    I love the reminder that leaders are not always ‘world renowned’ – sometimes as leaders we strive for recognition, but that may not be the type of leadership we are called to and I’m not sure it should ever be something we seek. I also appreciate the characteristics of leadership but recognise that some people manage to become leaders even if they don’t ‘love the people around them’ – perhaps these are the most dangerous?

  2. Brian ⋅

    I agree that there are infamous leaders both world renowned and in the local neighbourhood and they are dangerous. It is interesting to see that when they lose their power their followers disperse to the four winds. Their destructive style of leadership tends not to have a lasting hold on people.

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