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The Fun Theory

During the last few weeks I have had several conversations with emerging leaders who are beginning to reflect on the impact leadership is having on them.  They are reflecting on questions about what friendship looks like when you are a leader, or how to cope when everyone seems to only want to talk to you when they want something, or how you cope when the buck stops with you and you have to take responsibility for making the call.

There is no denying that there is a cost to leadership – there are issues to be reflected on and worked through and to not do so can leave us with shaky foundations.

But leadership can also be great fun!  As leaders our task is not only to ‘manage’ things and troubleshoot, but to envision, to draw forward, to push boundaries, to create, to imagine how things could be better.  I love the work of the guys at They believe that you can change peoples’ behaviour for the better by making it more fun.  As a leader is this something I can employ as I seek to inspire and change peoples’ behaviour?  How much fun is allowed in your place of leadership?  Can you instigate more?


One response to “The Fun Theory

  1. JK, i loved this! letting us know that having fun is an important part of leading and potentially changing people’s behaviour is rather ingenius.

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