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This past week marked the one year anniversary of the killing of a friend who was working in Afghanistan.  He had gone to Afghanistan motivated by being a “little bit of Christ” among the poor.  By all indication, he indeed was a “little bit of Christ” to many.

As I ponder my friend’s tragic death, many questions continue to fill my mind.  But one which continues to linger is the question of leadership.  How and by whom was my friend motivated to take such loving action?  As leaders we are often called to be agitators within a system of oppression.  In doing so we become the motivators for many to step out in faith and risk much–even their own lives.  We have all too often witnessed the other side of leadership which motivates others toward destruction such as those who committed the atrocious act in Afghanistan.

As leaders, we must not allow incidents such as this to dissuade us away from motivating others to take risks through actions of love which benefit our communities.  At times like this, there exists the temptation to step back and become overly cautious motivators.  However, such action will eventually lead leaders to become like salt which has lost its flavor.  I suggest if we as leaders are not stepping out and taking risks in the name of Christ ourselves we will indeed become flavorless.  JM

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  1. julietkilpin ⋅

    Deep and reflective thoughts Joe. Made me think what a responsibility we carry when we are seen as a motivator. I am reading Frost & Hirsch’s book ‘Faith of Leap’ which investigates a theology of risk – very inspiring and challenging against becoming safe and over cautious. Hoping we all have enough courage this week to be ‘a little bit of Christ’ wherever we are. JK

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