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Leaders Build Team

Steve Jobs, the iconic leader of Apple, resigned as CEO on August 24, 2011. The only things I know about Jobs is what I read in the press releases today. I don’t know his marital status or anything about his upbringing. I don’t know his temperament in the office or his belief in God or any god for that matter. I have no clue as to what authority and power he will have in Apple going forward. I know next to nothing about Steve Jobs

What I have come to learn in the few online articles is that Jobs is an amazing leader. He has prophetic like vision in this technological age. He must have astounding tenacity to fight pancreatic cancer and continue to be CEO for as long as he did. Clearly the guy is really smart for a college dropout. Then to be forced out of the company he founded only to return years later to become the CEO requires a gutsy audacity.   However the leadership quality that intrigues me the most about Jobs is that most of the press clippings refer to the team he has around him.  

Leaders who will never be as smart, iconic or rich as Jobs still have to ask, “Who is my team? What leaders am I attracting and developing who will have the capacity to step into my leadership shoes when my time is done?” Leaders everywhere figure out how to build a team. – BB

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