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Removing barriers…

For the past four years our church has organized an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids in the community where we are located. Fifteen hundred eggs are hidden behind the school where we meet Easter morning, and in 20 minutes about a hundred kids find them all. Then, we invite the kids and their parents into the school gym for baking and coffee. The first year we did this, to my surprise, almost all of the parents stayed for coffee. Its one of my favorite moments in ministry: people from many nationalities enjoying coffee and baking together. The last two years we’ve hauled over our church’s espresso maker, which creates another level of joy among the devoted! Anyway, when it’s all done, we invite people who wish, to stay for the Easter worship celebration. Over the years, few have stayed. This year, however, we opened the large divider separating the two gyms, so the worship area and coffee area were one. Now if you wanted to stay for the service you didn’t need to enter another room. More people from the community stayed simply because we left the gym open. It’s a “no brainer” I guess, but it touches on a theme I’ve been brewing on the past while. The barriers as leaders we put up that keep people from experiencing the love of God. Easter morning I believe folks from our community received it in three doses-four if you like espresso! JLTImage

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