DontBeSheep is written for leaders, to encourage and educate them no matter what their context or culture might be. The blog is created by an international group of six Anabaptist authors. We are…

Brian Bauman is a mission consultant for a district of 100 Mennonite churches in eastern Canada. His work is with immigrant cultures new to the Anabaptist Christian faith. 

Juliet Kilpin lives and works in England. She coordinates Urban Expression which challenges Christians to engage in pioneering and creative mission in the under-churched areas of the inner city.

Jason Evans is a father and husband in San Diego, California striving to make his neighbourhood a better more justice oriented place for all families.

Joe Manickam proudly carries an Indian passport as he does international development work for MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) a North American based NGO.

Jim Loepp Thiessen is the senior pastor of The Gathering Church in Kitchener, Canada.

Jeff Wright is a senior pastor with the Brethren in Christ of Southern California as well as the Director for Urban Expression North America.

2 responses to “About

  1. Giving thanks for this site! Thank you Juliet for the facebook notice. As someone from an Anabaptist heritage- it’s time to look at my heritage and think/pray about how /what connections to make. thanks again, Kathleen

  2. Ruth Gilson ⋅

    Really helpful insights – glad I’ve found the blog 🙂 In the group I work (Girls’ Brigade) with we are committed to girls and young women – to enable them to discover Jesus for themselves and emerge as ‘Esther’ leaders in this generation. We are learning….
    you are helping!

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