It’s Only Rock n Roll

“It’s only rock n roll but I like it”, “I’m jumping Jack Flash it’s a gas, gas, gas”, “I can’t get no satisfaction” are just some of the iconic rock n roll lyrics from The Rolling Stones’ 50 years of music making, debauchery and world class marketing. Whereas there is no reason for any leader to admire the lifestyles of a Mick Jagger or Keith Richards one must respect their longevity in a world that includes plenty of one hit wonders, an even greater number of ‘wanna be’ rockers as well as honest to goodness mega stars who have come and gone. (I miss ELO!) Not even the Beatles who were more creative and talented musicians lasted 50 years. So, congratulations to a motley crew of elderly men for consistently recording new albums that continually sell, who still have the desire for the endless touring and the passion to keep the marketing relevant for your fans of all ages.

This entertainment news isn’t earth shattering but it does serve as yet another example of how rare longevity is in today’s world. To stay at a task; to continually hone your skills in such a manner that keeps you fresh and relevant to those around you is a worthy goal for any leader.

Perhaps I’ll download and listen to their “Now!” album as I read Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, “Long Walk To Freedom”. Better idea, I’ll play a Muddy Waters CD because he is after all the guy who inspired the Stones eons ago. – BB