You Can’t Save The World

For one day this holiday season or perhaps even two or three days leaders need to do their utmost to forget that they are leaders. Your world can hopefully survive without you for a little while.

I have vivid memories of my extended family coming together at Christmas for the exchange of gifts and sitting down for the turkey feast. Every year the family would turn to my uncle Lester, a pastor, and ask him to say the prayer before the meal. After all he was the Holy man in our midst. Every year my uncle would resist this invitation. As a child I didn’t understand his reticence but I think I get it now. On that festive day with family he didn’t want to be the professional pastor. He just wanted to be Uncle Lester. He didn’t want to be the leader all of the time.

In this season it is important to find rest. Even presidents and prime ministers get away with family and friends. I hope that in those settings they are treated as just one of the crew instead of the captain of the ship. The challenges and the joys of leading will still be there after your retreat from the front lines of leadership.

Every leader needs to escape lest they start to believe they’re indispensible. It’s Christmas so please surround yourself with family and/or friends or perhaps you just need to be alone with a good book. Do anything but lead. Merry Christmas! – BB