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Painting the Future

This is a painting by the artist Magritte which I was first introduced to by Stuart Murray Williams and which I now steal regularly!  It is a picture that all leaders would find worth pondering.  Here are some questions to help you reflect on your own role as a prophetic, entrepreneurial or creative leader:

  • What is the artist doing?
  • What does the egg represent for you – a person, a community, an initiative,  a congregation, a vision, a network or something else?
  • What is your role as the artist?
  • What if you are the egg?  Who is the artist – a parent, a mentor, a friend, someone who believes in you… God?
  • Who has seen and drawn out your potential?
  • Is there more to be realised?

Ponder…reflect…give thanks…imagine…pray…do something…


2 responses to “Painting the Future

  1. competers ⋅

    Yesterday was mother’s day so I stole the picture too… We were talking about a mother’s love, unconditional love. I asked the congergation to wonder if a mother’s love isn’t much like what the atrist was doing in the image, he is looking at egg, but drawing the potential, the future potential, the future profits that come with a new birth. God is awesome in that He does this with each of us, He knows our future potential, He knows we can all spread our wings and fly!

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