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No Overnight Success

Leadership is most often something we discover about ourselves through others. At some point we realize that others respond to what we say and do differently. But this is only the beginning of leadership. Beyond a natural gifting or propensity, leadership requires significant effort. Good leaders know that good work takes a long view and a long time. In
addition, they know that a good leader comes out of a good work. We may not have started as good leaders but if we commit ourselves to the long road and labor necessary for producing a good thing, we become better leaders in the process. In a quick fix culture this is hard to abide by. We can often convince ourselves that just because we are good at something, that something should come easy. But times have not changed the truth of this principle. Anything done well will require hard work and a lot of time. “What about the overnight success?” you say. This is where the “long view” comes to bare. There is no such thing as the overnight success. And the best of leaders know this to be true. Because good leaders have perspective; they can look at the bigger picture of their life and see how fragments of success and failure, wins and losses, relationships and opportunities weave together to make a success what it is. When you are ready for the long journey, the significant effort and when you can look at your life experience as a whole and learn from it… you’re ready to lead. – JE

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